Download 2pac Ft Miss Unknown - Stay Strong (Keep Ya Head Up Remix) Mp3

2pac Ft Miss Unknown - Stay Strong (Keep Ya Head Up Remix)

Now heres a story bout a woman with dreams
So picture perfect at thirteen, an ebony queen
Beneath the surface it was more than just a crooked smile
Nobody knew about her secret so it took a while
I could see a tear fall slow down her black cheek
Sheddin quiet tears in the back seat; so when she asked me,
"What would you do if it was you?"

Couldnt answer such a horrible pain to live through
I tried to trade places in the tragedy
I couldnt picture three crazed ni**az grabbin me
For just a moment I was trapped in the pain, Lord come and take me
Four ni**az violated, they chased and they raped me
Even though it wasnt me, I could feel the grief
Thinkin with your brains blown that would make the pain go
No! You got to find a way to survive
cause they win when your soul dies
I cant believe that she can take tha smiles she always fakin, mistakin Yea her heart was breakin as tha others was rapin, and just takin her god given innocents, and now tha parents dont want her round tha little kids, what type of ish is this, but its not only u, girls across tha world lives to miserable, same situation too, but some is kinda worse, while ya body walkin in tha streets ,some missin,and some is in a hearse, , u gotta stay strong in tha wrong, do ya best to survive, cuz ya dont live long, just open ya eyes, n see tha bar to hold on when ya fallin and soon as u give up, death will be stalk, x that out, itll be callin, Fa U, And Wen God Call Ya Name There Nothin U Can Do, Try Ya Best To B Honest Because Power Isz True, Hope Our Advice get clearly through tha ears of tha youth, Its No Such Thing As a empty life, just cuz something happen what give u tha right, to give up and play dead fo tha rest, while hard workers who wanna be somethin gettin str8ys in tha chest, What a Shame, Give Up On Life And Ull B Da Blame, I Knew A Basketball Star Lost His Life Fa Cocaine, Dropped Right Infront of his little brother, i cant even imagine tha face of his Dude mother, i shed a tear, because i dont wanna see ppl die ova somethin so little, not knowin tha simplest things these days can really kill you, If U Need Someone to talk to im here fo u, send me a msg im here fo u
Creditsz Ta Dj Mp3 Fa Da Tupac Part

Tupac Rap Isz From "Baby Dont Cry"

All Music By unknown0suspect Channel

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